Miss Markosi Hove

Hello my dear, Thank you for responding to my mail to you,i am happy to hear from you.It is a bright and sunny day here today,how about there?,I hope that you are doing great?,If so,then thanks be to God almighty.I am Miss Markosi Hove from Zimbabwe,I am a 25 years old orphan, I lost my father and mother in very tragic circumstances and i am Living here in Dakar Senegal missing my family and wishing that they were still here,but i have come to understand that life has to go on,and so my reason to come out of my shell to mingle and make a new friend and confidant. I am 165 cm tall and i weigh 60Kg,for a girl from Africa,they say i am fair in complexion but generally,i am not all about looks,i prefer beauty from the heart.I was a medical student before i lost my parents and in the circumstances surrounding their tragic and sudden death i had to escape with my life,by the way,i was their only child.I abandoned school because i have no one else to sponsor me,and here i am now,squatting in a refugee camp in a church. I am a jovial girl and i like to say or hear one or two jokes from time to time,i am not careless at all,but i don’t take things too serious as if it is life and death,what i am trying to say is that i am a very flexible person and as such,i find it easy to forgive people and forge ahead whenever i am offended. My hobbies range from sports,to TV,to reading,i have a quest for knowledge,but it was cut short but my major satisfaction comes from watching sports or participating. let me also use this opportunity to say all that i feel you should know about my background. I am a daughter of a very successful man in life,my late father was a farmer in my country,a big farmer,he had two very large farms in partnership with his friend from Iceland,you may or may not be aware of the problems that came up in my country when the President( Robert Mugabe )forcefully took over all farmlands from their foreign owners and my fathers farm being in partnership with a foreigner was not spared. You know Men,he did not give up his farm,he fought in court and in person but was eventually assassinated by federal forces alongside his partner and my mother. I was their only child.It is such a bad story,one i always try to forget,but one that i find that the memories fail to go away,so i have to live with those memories. Why i told you this is because i had the best that could be on offer when i was young, i went to the best schools and had the best that parents could offer to a loved child, but all those are in the past now,and the reality of the present day is a reality of suffering,hunger and starvation. I have decided to treat my pains with love,i want to experience love,true love and care,i have not been cared for in a long time,i have not been loved and i hope that it could be with you.My dream is to come out from this refugee camp and be able to build a new life,a new future and a new hope.But my greatest need is help because i cannot help myself,i don’t even have any money at all to help myself,even to feed,let alone for travelling documents,so i pray that God will put it in your heart and enable you to be able to help me. This is just the bit about me,but please feel free to ask me whatever you need to know about me. I do not know what your story is like,but i want you to always know that whoever has the ability to rise again when he or she falls down,will always end up as a great person.I also want you to know that you can share anything with me,I am a friend and a companion and with time we will know where this friendship will lead us to.But please remember this,that love conquers everything,age,race,religion,social status and all,love conquers all.Kisses. Remain sweet!!. From Markosi. Note:I am living in a church house overseen by the head priest Reverend James Calvin.I begged him to please allow me to receive your call through his phone because i do not have a personal phone,so if you can call to speak with me,then call +221776267866 and ask the Reverend Father about me,he will send for me unless i am around his office at the time you called,then i may even answer directly.Kisses with a big hug