From Clara Inkon Darpino

Hello Dear,

Thanks for your reply to my message. Do not be surprise or get offended for receiving this message from me. My name is Clara Inkon Darpino.  I am senior level of commissioned officer in US Army with over 15 years of experience and service. I am a soldier. At the moment i am in Raqqa Syria with my troops as US special operation force on war against terrorist. (ISIS). I want to tell you that i have in my possession the sum of USD$ 2.5 million which i made here in Syria. I am a widow, my husband dead 4 years ago. I don’t have any child but i have a mother and she is alive. I want you to know that we are on a serious battle here with the insurgents. One day on our rescue mission after having heavy battle with the insurgents, we came across a safe box that contains a large amount of money that belongs to the terrorist group which i believe they want to use the money to buy ammunition’s. We agreed that the money will be shared among us.


Out of the total fund my share was, Two Million five hundred thousand Dollars (USD$2.5). Due to the United Nation policy on Syria, there is a plan for American government to move some troops out from Syria and i will be among the people that will be moving out. I can not take this money to the United States because i am working under the government as a military personnel, They will like to interrogate or investigate me on how i made such money in a foreign country. Therefore i am seeking your assistance to move this money to your country and i will trust you with my heart that my money will be safe in your care. Once you receive the money i will quit the military job and fly to meet you in your country and for investment project. I deposited the money with Argus Security company here in Syria and i have made an arrangement with united nation international security agent who promise to deliver the money to any country of my choice without any problem.


I will be compensating you with 30% of my total fund in the final conclusion of this project, and i will invest the remaining balance in your country or in any country of my choice. Listen One passionate appeal, please don’t discuss this issue to any body, keep it as a secret please for security reasons. I don’t want any leakage of this information because of my position in military and for our safety. Please if you have any question feel free to ask and i will answer you. I attach my pictures for you to see and i want you to send me your own pictures as well. I will give you more information or details once i hear your positive reply. Thanks. Clara Inkon Darpino.